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  1. Minette,jou website inspireer my so baie! Jy is ‘n amazing persoon,jou website het my geleer om selfvertroue te he.Jou fasion-tips is spot on!Ek het nogal gewonder of jy my kan uithelp met ‘n outfit? Ek wil saam met my vriende gaan kuier…. All stars sneakers\Leer Boots\Sassy Sandale?Laat weet my xxx Jy kan my ook follow op instagram —->Lara dutoit Met baie liefde Lara

    1. Baie dankie, Lara. Jou komplimente bedoel baie vir my en ek waardeur dit rerig ♡. Dit hang altyd af van waar julle gaan kuier, die weer en waarin jy gemaklik is. Ek so gaan met sneakers of boots, dit is te koud vir sandale. Ek hoop jy geniet jou kuier. Liefde.

      Xo Minette

  2. Hii , i need your help ! I’m going to a party Saturday & i have no idea what to wear?? There is going to be alot of people, I not sure if I should go casual or little dressed up! I’m so confused! Please Minette i trust your fashion sense

    xox carla.c

    1. Carla! I am so sorry that I did not see this sooner. But I’ll answer for future reference. Firstly, you can find out whether the party has a theme or not. It’s always fun to dress up with a theme, but sometimes they just ask for “semi-formal” or “casual”. It’s usually safe to go with that. If the party has no theme, go with your gut feel and dress up like YOU. By that I mean, where something that reflects your natural style and that you’ll feel comfortable in. I hope your party was fun. Much love.

      Xo Minette

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  4. Great blog, well done!
    But do you only have advice for women? I own a pair of red canvas shoes (casual, not vellies). So what can I wear that will compliment, or be complimented by, red shoes? I was thinking of a naval theme, as in boating or sailing. My ego will not survive if I get laughed at by the one I need to impress, so please be erudite!

    1. Hi Jack. No, I don’t only do women’s fashion and I would love to help you with your shoepidemic. Firstly, red is a gorgeous colour, immaculately paired with jeans, beige chinos, light grey or navy. While wearing red, remember that it is your main focus so where complementary colours instead of contrasting hues. Secondly, if you feel good – you look good. Do not let others fashion opinions dictate your style. It is your style, not theirs, after all.

      Much love.

      Xo Minette

    1. Baie dankie Stephanie – ek waardeer dit rerig! Eks bly jy vind inspirasie in my werk. Dit beteken ek bereik my doelendes en dit maak my baie gelukkig.

      Xo Minette

  5. Hi Minette,
    Do you do posts on like product reviews or tips on how to wear certain items ? I would really love that !! Do you know any reasonably priced stores to shop at in SA or Namibia ??
    Lots of love bc you inspire me !!

    1. Hey Ali

      I do posts with outfit suggestions and reviews on my tumblr blog. Check it out on

      Most of the stores in South Africa is reasonably priced, but I don’t know about Namibia.

      Thanks so much and much love for you girl.

      Xo Minette

  6. Hey Minette!

    First of all- love the blog! This is truly unique and inspiring (excuse the cliche!)
    I just wanted to know with what you take your photos, and if it’s not taken, where do you get them? I’m thinking about starting a blog myself, but don’t want to use bad quality photos taken from Google Images :’)


    1. Hi Katelynn

      Thank you – your support really means the world to me and I appreciate it greatly.

      All my photos are my own and are taken with a Nikon D20. You are quite right. Blogging is all about quality and you should only want the best for your blog. Good luck girl.

      Xo Minette

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