It is the unfortunate truth that teenagers going through adolescence are at an unquestionably vulnerable chapter of their lives. Especially us girls – we are constantly comparing ourselves to others and then beating ourselves up for not being as superficially “perfect” as the girls we see around us. It is also the unfortunate truth that there are not enough opportunities and products that promote women empowerment and the uplifting of adolescent girls. So, to counter this counter-productive system in society, MAC Cosmetics and I have joined forces to present to you: a four-look collection of the most fundamental makeup looks for teenage and young adult women and how to wear them (based on MAC SS17 hottest trends).

When you wear a look and feel amazing = empowerment. You have a “strong woman” aura to you and you walk with a confidence that is enriching and inspiring. This post will discuss the first two looks. Thanks to the amazing Raine Tauber, MAC senior makeup artist, for sharing her talents as well as collaborating with me to formulate the descriptions of the looks below. And thanks to incredible photographer, Frances Marais, for capturing these magical moments.

Look 1

Trend: No Makeup

This trend is all about subtly enhanced features with a fresh finish. Studio Waterweight Foundation was buffed onto the skin with a #188 brush to achieve a really natural finish – skin should look like skin. I then added some Cream Colour Base in Shell on the cheek bones and ball of the eye for some dimension and lastly, add a lick of Cremesheen Glass in Deelight for a perfectly understated look.

TIPS: Start with very little foundation, you can always add more but it’s more challenging to remove if you’ve applied too much. Also start your application where you need the most cover (this is usually the centre of the face). To add an extra glow to your natural look, lightly tweak your eyebrows with some brown eye shadow or add a little bronzer for some colour.


Look 2

Trend: Stained Eye

This look is about a delicately soft smoky eye that’s slightly worn in and romantic. I used one of my all-time favourite products to create this eye, Teddy Eye Kohl with a bit of Cream Colour base in Dusk to help melt it in. I applied the pencil straight to the eye area and then used a #221 to buff it in and apply the Cream Colour Base. I added a touch of Patent Polish Lip Pencil in Kittenish for a bit of colour on the lips.

Tips: Don’t worry about the neatness of your pencil application since you’re going to blend it out anyway. The right tools make any job easier, so investing in a great brush will definitely assist in your application of eye makeup. To enhance your eyelashes, use an eyelash curler before applying mascara.


There you have it – the first 2/4 of the fundamental makeup looks for teens and young-adults! I hope you have enjoyed the post and are excited for the last two looks coming out next week Monday!

Much love

Xo Minette

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