Ever since I’ve been a little girl I have dreamt about the one school night that makes you feel like a princess – matric dance. Whether it be your own dance or attending another dance as a date, it is the perfect excuse to express your unique style in a more glamorized manner than usual. Last week I truly did feel like a princess when I was lucky enough to attend such a magical night, escorting a close friend to his farewell.

In the months preceding the dance I heard snippets of various conversations concerning what to wear and how to accessorize the look perfectly. Luckily that department was easy for me; from the get-go I knew: dark glamour. With long silk dresses and lots-of lace garments being very trendy at the moment, I could not resist the allure of a classic dark look and twisting it with my unique touch. I went for a absolutely gorgeous navy velvet and a vintage black skirt from Jackie Burgers’ Vintage Rendezvous. Navy and black is generally not a common combination but that is what made the idea all the more intriguing.

While contemplating the accessories for this look I came to the conclusion that I wanted to keep it simple and elegant to complement the classic and strong features of my look. And this is the wonderful part about working with Claire’s – whether you want to bold and big or simple and petite, you can find everything you need in their stores. I had so much fun exploring around the store and finding gems and little hidden treasures in every nook and cranny. I adored the tiara because it perfectly reflected my inner-princess sensation and the delicate rings were in a wonderful contrast to the starkness of my navy bodysuit.  My favorite Claire’s item had to be the earring though – as I don’t have lobe piercings, I struggle to find helix earrings that are interesting but stylish at the same time. The lip colour was a combination between MAC Cosmetics Heroine and Royal Hour and the stunning shoes are black velvet Steve Madden block heels.

If your matric dance (or any dance, for that matter) is coming up and you are struggling to find the perfect fit or an accessory that effortlessly glamorizes your entire outfit – Claire’s is definitely the way to go.

Much love to all my glam kids.

Xo Minette




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