Somewhere amidst the awesomely powerful and calm presence of nature in South Africa’s bushveld last year, a terrifying thought struck me: I realized that I had complete and utter writer’s block. “Writer’s block is the purgatory we find somewhere in the numb between happy and sad,” Atticus once wrote.

I must confess, I was ashamed to admit it to anyone and for the following months I stumbled along, not writing and not knowing how to approach my situation.

I realized then that I am actually just as lost as most other teenagers. You may have read my previous blog posts and thought, “Who is she to be giving me life advice? I thought this was a fashion blog.” The thing is friends, as in all teenagers’ lives, I too go through strange situations and have to learn the lessons that life has to teach. I don’t magically have all the answers and my heart breaks from time to time as I get disappointed or things don’t work out as I would prefer. A couple of weeks ago I was speaking to MAC’s European Director, Baltasar González Pinel about what I use my voice for. It was in that exact moment that I rediscovered why I do what I do. I want to help the teenagers who read my blog, not to feel as clueless as I did, as they go through similar situations.

Now my favourite part of the blog is about connecting that raw and vulnerable emotion, and my experiences, to fashion. Each person has their own definition of fashion, but to me it is an absolute pure expression of yourself, in your truest form. It is about letting the world know who you are, what you’re thinking about and what you are going through. It is like an extension of your inner self. My mission is to find a balance between my experiences and how I feel, and to connect that to the fashion, styles and trends of the moment.

So this photo shoot has a lot of symbolic value – the simple look symbolizes a new, clean slate. The dark lips and crazy hair is for changing life up and breaking the routine. And finally, the bushveld background is for embracing the wild and for staying adventurous throughout 2017.

I honestly hope that each of you take something from my blog posts, even if it’s just a phrase, and I would like to thank each and everyone one of you for helping me grow and for following the journey.

Much love

Xo Minette


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