When I hear the words “forest fairy” my first thought is of a cheeky spirit, full of energy and mischievous fun. I think this could be a pretty accurate description of how I felt while shooting my gorgeous gifts from local clothing brand, Lovely Musthaves. I was super happy to receive their Levina playsuit and Ibiza sandals which immediately reminded me of nature’s magic and the playfulness of youth.

Forests have been used by many designers as inspiration for their collections. From organic shapes for graphic prints, forest colour palettes to the general feeling of the mystical yet natural. One of the most breath taking collections to use this influence was Issey Miyake who was inspired by “the rhythmic pulse of life in a forest”. Issey Miyake created a stunning collection of wine reds, olives, deep browns and golden hues.


And while a forest can be taken very literally, as in the actual trees and plants clustered together, it can also be a figurative link to the unknown. Who knows what lies behind the trees, what that crackling sound was or why you feel as if you are being watched… I decided to link the literal to the figurative by shooting my look in a afforested environment, but addressing the unknown in my post.

I believe that the unknown is not a realm to fear. Instead of seeing it as dark, scary and malicious, one should view it as an adventure, a challenge and an exciting time to grow as a person. Fearing the unknown means that you will never leave your comfort zone. Imagine being stuck in the same routine for  78 years (the average life expectancy). How boring! But maybe that is just my wanderer zodiac talking. I am not saying that we should drive head first into situations that could end up disastrous. No, I’m saying that if you never dip your toe in and at least try get into the water – you will never find your destiny and opportunities will slip past you like clouds on a windy day.

There are many ways to dare to delve into the unknown. You could go shark-cage diving, walk through a forest or challenge the fashion norms. So next time you are standing in front of your closet, match something that you would never wear together and own it, girl. And if you are now inspired to burst open your fashion comfort zone, head over to Lovely Musthaves to update your closet with a little “wild”.

Much love

Xo Minette

2 thoughts on “Forest Fairy”

  1. Heyyy Minette
    Ekke het my 13de verjaarsdag party die saterdag, en het geen idea wat om te dra nie!
    Dis lumo / glow in the dark themed en is n dans party! Ekke weet nie of ekke n rokkie moet dra of n casual hemp en broek nie ?
    Ekke trust jou fashion advice tenvolle en vra regtig vir hulp ❤
    Biae dankie

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