Sitting on the Southernmost tip of Africa, we are pretty excluded from the world’s festivities. With everything going on, from Coachella to Sasquatch to the Vans Warped Tour, we South African teens look to Instagram and the internet to try and relive some of Europe and America’s most iconic music festivals. While scrolling through all of these wonderful events, I felt inspired to write about what I would wear if I had to attend one (or rather, my wishful thinking kicked in).

When thinking about music festival attire, the stereotypical “flower crowned hippie girl” look comes to mind, but much to our benefit, the style requirements have become much more flexible and accepting to different vogues. Yet popular go-to’s always seem to stay the same – the Bohemian, the Rock and Roll and the Cowgirl. Post after post after post of these picture perfect girls wearing “tumblr” outfits with makeup looks that I could only dream of,  has me wondering how real the whole facade is.

The only ‘real’ rule when dressing up for music events like these, is that it shouldn’t be a dress up. This is not Halloween, after all. Your outfit should just be an enhancement of your natural style. That is the only way to keep your look authentic – and there will never been anything trendier than authenticity. No one really wants to look like they have copy-pasted a tumblr photo.

For my look I decided I was going to forget about all the festival norms and go against the “Do’s and Don’ts of Coachella” posts. I don’t enjoy being confined to those boxes anyway. I rather went for a combination look, mixing up my favourite elements: the maxi dress of the 70s, the huge earrings and mesh from the 80s and the high waisted of the 90s and finishing it off with a touch of modern embellishments – the uber popular embroidered flowers. The fishnets were used to bring in some contrast in texture and my trusty combat boots always look groovy while being super comfortable to groove in.

I am aware that this outfit is a little bit more daring than what I usually do, but that is okay too. Challenge the conventional. Push people to question what they believe in. That is what fashion is all about. Nonetheless, I hope you enjoyed the post and head over to my Instagram to check out the fashion short film I made about the look! Much love, kids.

Xo Minette

Dress: Zara, Ljubljana

Bralette: Intimissimi, Paris

Bikini bottoms: Cotton On Body

Fishnets: Dress up store

Boots: Sacha Shoes, Berlin

Lipstick: Caitlyn Jenner, Viva Glam – MAC Cosmetics

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